oh...Porto !

Name: Mariana Sousa

Date of birth: 11/07/1988

Residence: Porto , quarantine in Lisbon Hair color: Brown (with some whites coming out)

Eye color: Brown


You can wake me up for this anytime : .....if you say I still have 3 hours left to sleep

I’m very good at : Making fun of myself

Would love to have lunch/dinner with you at these great places : Vinum, Antiqvum, Casa de Cha da Boa Nova.

Would like to show you around these eye catchers : View from the Terminal of Cruises Leixoes – All coast and the Atlantic Ocean at your feet

My top 5 bucket-list : Besides travelling around in this wonderful world, my top 2 bucket list is definitely to make myself more useful to society and make those around me laugh more.

The best invention ever : COVID-19 vaccine

Let's have a cocktail at : Porto Tonic cocktail at the balcony from the Yeatman Hotel

I get grumpy when....: there’s no deadlines 😊

My ultimate moment of happiness : Last dinner with my girlfriends. Sort of knew that it would take a while to reunite again.

What I googled recently : Things to do at home with a 1 year old. How to make a pavlova cake.

My biggest challenge : Learn how to be persistent

Funniest custom(s) from my city/country : Definitely Caretos - Caretos are masked young men dressed in suits made of colourful fringe wool quilts, wearing brass, leather or wooden masks and rattles in their belts.

Best conference hotels : Porto: The Sheraton Porto, Porto Palacio Hotel, Crowne Plaza and the Holiday Inn Gain.

Lisbon: Epic Sana Lisbon; Algarve: Tivoli Marina Vilamoura Algarve Resort

Fun facts that you didn't know: The most famous of Portuguese wines, the Port Wine, is traditionally produced in the Douro Valley and stored and aged in the cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia, just across the river from Porto. I suggest you visit the caves in Gaia for some wine-tasting sessions!

Most useful websites:

Our destination in three words : Diverse, charming and authentic

Souvenir that you must bring back : Claus Soap Bar

My tips for a happy life: Drink water, Exercise and sit with you beloved ones around the table and share a bottle of vintage Port wine.

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