Nothing ...Toulouse (and so much to win)

Date of birth : Same year as Brooke Shields, Robert Downey jr & Bjork

Residence: Toulouse, France

Hair Color : What if don't have...

Eye colour: Green


You can wake me up for this anytime : I would really prefer to sleep a bit more I'm very good at : Handgliding, bicycling & dancing Would love to have lunch/dinner with you at these great places : If you like meat, it will defintely be 'L'Entrecôte". Le Bibent, very neo-baroque featuring a Michelin star chef. If you are vegan and/or organic driven; Sovaga !

A welcoming cocktail at the amazing baroque banquet hall La Salle des illustres (Town Hall). The Victor Hugo market with so many variety of eating stalls and authentic small restaurants on floor 1. Would like to show you around these eye catchers : The Pyrenées mountains. The Perspective of the Midi Canal that crosses France and is Unesco World Heritage, just like the Saint Sernin Basilica. In Toulouse I would also recommend visiting the Airbus assembly line (A380/A350). You don't need to be an engineer to be blown away by the size & scale of these plants. More romantic : The Museum (natural history) and the neighboring Jardin des Plantes. My top 5 bucket-list :

  1. Row in the Garonne River and get prepared for the annual competition

  2. Not miss the Picasso exhibition at the Abattoirs Museum

  3. Stay in a tiny house for a while

  4. Learn more about the "circular economy" since there's alot of workshops going on around here on that subject

  5. Go skiing at Luchon because they also have great spas and water based therapy

The best invention ever : Penicillin to stay serious....and bicycles Let's have a cocktail at : La Biche sur le toit where you can have a 360 view of the "pink city" and the Pyrenees from afar.

To spot cool people walking by: le Florida (capitol square)

And later on the Cosmopolitan (city center) I get grumpy when....: There's a non-announced no show My ultimate moment of happiness : May I keep that to myself ? What I googled recently : My biggest challenge : Stay zen

Funniest custom(s) from my city/country : Carnival is great. On June 21st you have the Music Festival with all types of bands & players. Many of them very funny. Best conference hotels : NH and Hilton and also IGH quite good Fun facts that you didn't know : Toulouse has the fastest GDP growth rate in France Most useful websites : Our destination in three words : Cosmopolitan, equidistant from most cities & elegant Souvenir that you must bring back : Chocolate My tips for a happy life: Do some mindfulness meditation, show compassion and don't take yourself too seriously

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