Great escapes...

Name : Caroline Phelan

Date of birth: 27/01/1969

Hair color: Blond Eye color: Blue


You can wake me up for this anytime : A visit to a beautiful garden I'm very good at : Gardening Would love to have lunch/dinner with you at these great places : Sarastro in London- Very theatrical

The tea cozy in Brighton - Eccentric tea room

The Big Read Bus Pizzeria in Deptford - Pizza on a double decker bus

Would like to show you around these eye catchers : Leadenhall Market in London - Ornate Victorian marketplace which was the setting for Diagon Alley in Harry Potter films-

Lauriston Castle near Edinburgh Scotland- "Haunted" castle form the 16th century

Erasmus Darwin Housen in Staffordhsire- where Charles Darwins' grandfather formed many of his ideas

My top 5 bucket-list :

  1. Visit India

  2. See a whale up close

  3. Do a safari in Africa

The best invention ever : A dish washer ! Let's have a cocktail at : The Cavern Club in Liverpool- famous for the Beatles

I get grumpy when....: I cannot fit in a nice walk in my day My ultimate moment of happiness : Gardening What I googled recently : Average water consumption per person in a house hold My biggest challenge : Heights Funniest custom(s) from my city/country : The ability to queue nicely, cheese rolling in Gloucester, Highland Games in Scotland Best conference hotels : This question is too difficult to answer as there are so many great conference hotels Fun facts that you didn't know : Nowhere in the UK is more than 85km from the sea ! The British drink over 163 million cups of tea every day ! The Queen has visited over 115 countries despite not having a passport ! Most useful websites :

Our destination in three words : Authentic, Innovation, Nearby Souvenir that you must bring back : Tea ! My tips for a happy life: Get lots of fresh air and plant a plant as often as you can !

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